The ReliaSoft Risk, Reliability
& Maintainability Research Alliance
within the Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Arkansas


ReliaSoft Risk, Reliability, and Maintainability Research AllianceR3M Industry Involvement - Becoming a Member of the Research Alliance

Industry members with interests in the broad areas of risk, reliability and maintainability are invited to become a member of the research alliance.

As a member of the alliance you will participate in guiding the strategic direction of the center and have a voice in selecting research projects, awarding grants to graduate students and the ability to share work products generated for the center. As a member you will also have access to some of the leading experts in the field allowing your organization to investigate avenues for which expertise does not exist within your organization through In-Context projects.

Membership & Project Costs


 US$7,500 a year


Seat on the strategic planning board
Access to researchers
Access to students
Access to alliance projects
Attendance at ARS and the associated Alliance Track
Ability to sponsor in-context projects and students
Corporate Logo on Alliance Web Page

In-Context Projects


What are they?

In-context projects are designed to partner the sponsoring organization with appropriate faculty associates to work on problems of mutual interest. The Alliance member gets access to world class researchers and students. They get research performed at a fraction of the cost when compared with what they would pay a consultant. Projects should be scoped such that they provide enough resource to fund a graduate student for at least one academic year. In general this would require a minimum of about $75k per year. All In-Context projects will allocate 10% to the general research pool for center designated projects of interest to the general alliance. This allows all members to leverage the work of others in solving problems of general interest.



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