The ReliaSoft Risk, Reliability
& Maintainability Research Alliance
within the Department of Industrial Engineering
University of Arkansas


ReliaSoft Risk, Reliability, and Maintainability Research AllianceR3M Faculty Involvement – Become a Faculty Associate

Any tenure-stream faculty member at a university located in the United States may apply to become a R3M Faculty Associate.

Becoming An Associate

To apply, send an e-mail of request to the Director, Edward A. Pohl, Ph.D., which includes:
  • your curriculum vitae,
• a bulleted list of your areas of research expertise consistent with the mission and vision of the Alliance,
• a brief professional biography, and
• a professional photograph.


The requirements of Faculty Associates include agreement to


• include your list of areas of research expertise in the overall list for the Alliance,
• include your biography, contact information, and photograph in Alliance materials, and
• participate in the Editorial Board of Risk, Reliability and Maintainability.


The advantages of being a Faculty Associate include opportunities to:


• be paid faculty as part of the graduate program,
• apply for the small grants program, and
• participate in R3M funded research partnerships.


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